FullSizeRender(12)Over a year and a half ago, Valerie Roybal asked me to be part of a show on pollinators. Throughout this period of time, I have been photographing and researching the role of pollinators. In doing so, I have come to see their diversity: bats, moths, bees, wasps, birds, beetles, mammals, and reptiles, and to see their varied relationships with plants.

The images in the show reflect a deeper understanding that started by looking closely at plants to see what was buzzing inside a flower, as well as looking pollen and insects through a microscope. This led me to ask questions about what is needed for the survival of each plant and animal. What are the relationships that they have formed, and how have they evolved over time?

The artworks displayed in Cross Pollination are photo polymer etchings that I made from collaging photographs that I have taken. Instead of isolating one thing, I wish to blend the relationships into one organic ever-evolving form that has the potential to grow into the empty space that surrounds it.

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