s(and) is a collective of thirteen women in Albuquerque, NM.  The name of our group is based on the notion that each member brings a unique set of qualities to the table and that together through mutual support we are stronger.

Here are links to each of our websites.

Lea Anderson http://www.leaandersonart.com
Shawn Turung http://shawnturung.com
Stephanie Lerma http://www.stephanielerma.com
Angela Berkson http://angelaberkson.com/home.html
Kelly Eckel http://www.kellyeckel.com
Cedra Wood http://cedrawood.com
Dana & Ruth Kleinman http://www.kx2art.com/
Valerie Roybal http://www.valerieroybal.com
Jessamyn Lovell http://www.jessamynlovell.com
Sally Condon http://www.sallycondon.com
Heidi Pollard http://heidipollard.com
Jill Christian http://www.jillchristian.com
Rachel Popowcer http://rachelpopowcer.com